From the Ground Up: Leaders from across the Brazos Valley focus on Agriculture

Published: Oct. 14, 2021 at 9:23 AM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - With each year, the amount of Aggies we add to Brazos County may increase, but those who work in agriculture continues to shrink, comparatively. And as this community comes up with new ways to “bring home the bacon” every day, it’s important that we never forget where that bacon comes from.

“It starts with Ag day, everything starts with agriculture,” says Baylor Lyon, a Senior Coordinator for Leadership Brazos. “LB” is a collection of community leaders from business, health, government, media, and yes, agriculture, which meets together once a month to learn about all the different sectors of the Brazos Valley that make the community what it is. It starts with a look at agriculture.

“There’s a reason we picked it for our first day.” Lyon says we’re not as connected to the ag community we once were.

“We, as people are going to have to instill those in our younger generation to help them understand: There’s a lot of people in this world we need to feed, and they’ve got to know who’s doing it, and how they’re doing it.”

That starts with exposing today’s leaders to the agriculture story, and establishing relationships.

“Letting the consumer understand what’s going on in the markets. The farmers and ranchers struggle every day and you need to know where your food comes from. You need to know how the food gets from the farmland to grocery store.”

Lyon says even though consumers are just one end of the supply chain, it’s key to have representation from the producers.

“For us to continue to champion that is going to be key, including farmers to be able to tell their stories. ranchers to be able to tell their stories. Being a voice, even within the community, having people who go through this program to be able to do the same thing

That’s a look at Central Texas Agriculture and its role to play in Brazos Valley leadership,  from the ground up

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