Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Amelia Uribe-Guajardo’s journey

Published: Oct. 15, 2021 at 12:02 AM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - “I consider myself a survivor.”

Spend a little time with Amelia Uribe-Guajardo and you’ll quickly see she’s a woman who likes to get things done.

When she learned in June that she had breast cancer, she was also ready to hear about the next steps and plans for treatment.

“I just looked at it like it is what it is. Tell me what I have to do, what the process is going to be, and just move through it,” she said.

The cancer was caught during a routine mammogram. It was Stage 1A.

“I am very blessed that it was caught in time and that I can talk to you and other people about my experience,” said Amelia.

She has experienced several big steps and quickly in this journey: the diagnosis in June, surgery in July, and 20 radiation treatments that began in August. This week, she started hormone treatment.

“I’m not going to say it’s a walk in the park because it’s not. But if we compare that to being alive more years with your family and everybody and your friends, it’s worth it,” she said.

Over the summer, the Spanish teacher also became the department head at her College Station school. She asked for one thing when she told her principal about the diagnosis.

“I want you to let me keep my responsibilities because I don’t want to have time to think about this. And I did. I mean, went to work every single day. I would come in the afternoons (for treatment). I’m off the last period, so I would come over here after work,” she said.

Amelia is grateful for the support from her loved ones during this whirlwind journey. Her faith, she said, also played a big role in getting through this.

Just one month ago on September 14, was what she calls “graduation.” It was the ringing of the bell at the cancer treatment center in Bryan. The moment and sound signaled she had completed treatment and was cancer free.

“It’s amazing. It’s know you made it, that everything was worth it. It was a moment of peace and gratefulness.”

Now Amelia continues sharing her story to remind everyone it is important to get regular cancer screenings.

“We should all be proactive and stay aware of the fact that it can happen at any time at any age,” she said.

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