Attorneys in Chester Jackson - Robert Baucom trial react to verdict

Published: Oct. 15, 2021 at 11:29 PM CDT
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AUSTIN, Texas (KBTX) -A jury in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas says there was insufficient evidence that former Caldwell Police Sergeant Robert Riley Baucom used excessive force against Chester Jackson Jr.

Baucom was accused of shoving and injuring Jackson in the Burleson County Jail on April 20, 2019. Jackson is still recovering in a healthcare facility from the injuries he sustained.

Baucom’s attorney released a statement saying they are thrilled to have finally been given the opportunity to clear Mr. Baucom’s name and reputation within the community. Baucom’s attorneys say there was no clear evidence that their client intentionally harmed Jackson while in custody at the Burleson County Jail.

Jackson’s attorney, U.A. Lewis, says there was information that the jury didn’t hear and thinks that played a role in the verdict they handed down.

”Remember when Robert Riley Baucom threw Chester in that jail cell, he caused Chester Jackson to strike his head against that metal toilet,” said Lewis.

Lewis says neither the Burleson County Jail nor Baucom provided Jackson any medical attention, so there would be no record of his injuries.

“They never sought any medical care for him, so there is no medical documentation about any actual injuries. I think if the jury had that information available to them, their decision could have changed... Again, it was too difficult for them to distinguish the injury that he had suffered from Cross Creek Hospital’s actions versus the actual actions at the jail.”

Baucom’s attorneys say the video proves that Jackson slipped and fell.

Lewis says they plan to appeal the decision in the hopes that they can share more evidence.

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