Checking out the competition: South Carolina

Catch Beyonce in a Cock-A-Boose
Published: Oct. 23, 2021 at 6:43 PM CDT
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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - Texas A&M and South Carolina have been playing each other since 2014. The Aggies have come out on top each time they played the Gamecocks so you might not really know much about the school.

The University of South Carolina was founded in 1801 so it is over 200 years old. If their is anything that will make someone that went to the University upset is if you call it the U of SC. They feel like they should be called USC instead of the University of Southern California. The University of South Carolina has been a school longer than California has been a state so all of the fans and alumni make a valid argument

Let’s talk about their mascot the “Gamecock.” A gamecock is actually a fighting chicken that was dressed in armor and would fight their opponents to the death. Chicken fighting has been made illegal now so they have a costume mascot now named “Cocky.”

Tailgating in South Carolina is a different experience as well. Top fans can pregame in trains that are set up outside the stadium called cock-a-booses.

Some notable alumbi include Hootie and the Blowfish. That’s right Hootie and all of the Blowfish met and formed the band at USC. While not alumni’s Beyonce and Jay Z performed at Willie B. The concert was such a big deal that some schools closed early. The concert was so crazy they had to get a brand new football field because Beyonce and Jay Z killed the grass.

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