Shoppers should exercise caution, awareness when making purchases this holiday season

Published: Nov. 26, 2021 at 5:46 PM CST
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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - Many store lines are full of parents getting their children’s Christmas lists items, but officials say it’s important to take extra precautions while shopping.

Sgt. Justin Ruiz with the Texas Department of Public Safety said burglaries increase during the holidays because of the number of shoppers.

Bioncia Jenkins, a Bryan parent, started her Christmas shopping and has the mindset of many parents.

“Early Christmas shopping, just trying to get it out the way,” Jenkins said.

So far, her shopping is going well.

“They got them some shoes,” Jenkins said. “They got them some headphones for their PS4.”

Jenkins has never had anything stolen from her but always tries to keep her belongings secure.

“Just hurry up and go home and put my stuff up,” Jenkins said.

Burglaries can happen in seconds and anyone can be a victim, according to Ruiz.

“Hide your items, put them in the trunk, hide things under the seat, make sure you’re locking your car,” Ruiz said. “If you’re second-guessing yourself if you didn’t lock your car, you might wanna go back and just check to make sure.”

While in large crowds, Ruiz said it could help to put your purse in front of you or put your wallet in your front pocket.

“It deters that person from trying to do something to you as an individual,” Ruiz said.

Ruiz also believes shoppers shouldn’t leave big items like TVs in their cars.

“They’re probably gonna see that big item in there,” Ruiz said. “Just try to go home and lock away those items and then go back out and get your smaller stuff.”

Ruiz said that people should secure their homes with their purchases even if they’re in them and not leave big boxes outside for trash pickups.

“With those boxes, maybe try to cut them down and put them into black trash bags for your trash days so that nobody can see the big items that you bought,” Ruiz said.

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