This weeks news 3 sports classroom champion is Leon High Schools Caitlyn Crane.

Leon High School senior ranks 2nd in her class
Published: Dec. 30, 2021 at 8:15 PM CST
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This week news 3 sports classroom champion is Leon High Schools Caitlyn Crane.

She has a 3.88 GPA and ranks 2nd in her class. Caitlyn is on the student council a member of the Fellowship of Christen Athletes, the National Honor Society and a Future Farmers of America award winner and chapter officer. “All the other students in the class, they look to her as a leader because she’s always working very hard in the classroom, she’s always working harder to do, better to excel, to learn more than what is asked of her. " Teacher: Deanne Schroeder

Athletically she is a all-district and academic all-district catcher in softball. Blocker of the Year in volleyball, and a leader for the lady cougars on the basketball court.

“She has a relentless ability to compete. Me and her have a lot in common we laugh about how we both hate to lose. And I can always count on her having a good practice, and I think she carries that into and I think she carries that attitude into her academics too. Like, I never grade check her. I never look at her grades to make sure she’s OK because I know she’s going to take care of her business in the classroom same as she does out here on the floor.” -Coach Gary Grahn

“It’s kind of funny thinking back like two years ago, I was a completely different person, like I was shy, I was timid, I was scared. And now, you know, I’m not scared to, like, hold my teammates accountable. I’m not scared to push people to do better, and hopefully they respect me enough to do the same for me. I have a lot of support in my life, so I can’t say one person inspired me because my parents, my family inspired me to be the best I can be every day, and my coaches inspire me to work hard every single day, and my teammates inspire me to just be the best teammate and be the best player I can be.” said Crane.

Congratulations to Leon High Schools Caitlyn Crane

This week’s News 3 Sports Classroom Champion!

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