2022 & You: Meal prepping for the entire family

Published: Jan. 13, 2022 at 1:24 PM CST
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - In the new year, we are more cognizant of goals, time and schedule, and one way we can stay on top of these items is through meal prepping.

The idea of meal prepping can seem daunting to some, and Christina Nichols, general manager of Little’s Lunches in Bryan says the way to avoid this is keeping it simple.

“For people, it sounds like it’s such a big word and it involves so much work and stuff, but actually it’s not,” said Nichols. “It’s really simple to start off with meal prep, even for people starting it.”

If you have never meal prepped before, Nichols recommends starting with something like chicken as your main protein. She says chicken is something you can cook in bulk and then create a variety of dishes off of.

Jennifer Huggins, co-owner of Little’s Lunches says this is also an affordable way to cook as well.

“Chicken is a great lean option that is easily seasoned and can be baked in the oven,” said Huggins.

She recommends baking 10 pounds of chicken breast or two whole chickens seasoned with salt and pepper. Shredding the chicken, preferably while hot so its easier, and dividing it into four separate bowls for four separate dinners.

A helpful tip she adds is to “add a little olive oil to the dinner tins will prevent the food from sticking to the bottom when reheating,” said Huggins. “We recommend a tin lid to put straight in the oven to reheat.”

If you don’t have time to meal prep, but want to reap the benefits of meal prep like healthy portions and balanced food groups, Little’s Lunches does provide a meal subscription service. Click here to learn more.

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