From the Ground Up: Embracing technology in advancing cow/calf herds

Published: Jan. 13, 2022 at 11:28 AM CST
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Amy Ballard has taken her decades of experience with cattle and taken it into the future.

“My parents gave me my first cow when I was born, so I’ve been in the cow/calf business for all my life,” says Ballard, a rancher and entrepreneur. Through a process called embryo transfer, technology allows for quicker, more selective breeding of cow/calves. Ballard gives this service to fellow ranchers, and even applies it to her own herd.

“ [We take] your top milk producer, or your top beef producer, or your top showcalf producer... the animal that produces the number 1 product for your ranch, and we’re able to multiply her quickly.”

The process allows years or even decades of selective breeding to be boiled down into one gestation cycle.

“We flush the embryos out, transfer them to other recipients, or freeze them, or prepare them however you want in the future.”

Ballard says this is the best way for ranchers to continue to provide quality beef in a time where demand is high.

“Embryo transfer and artificial insemination in cattle is the number one way to quickly improve your herd where it would normally take years to improve your herd, within one calving season, you can have better genetics that you’ve ever had with the tools we provide,” Ballard says.

Providing technology and care that is crucial to making beef production a viable way to feed the world for years to come.

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