Navasota residents given short notice of apartment foreclosure

Published: Jan. 25, 2022 at 6:23 PM CST
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NAVASOTA, Texas (KBTX) - Navasota Landing Apartments residents are working to find a new place to live after they received notice that the building is under foreclosure.

Resident Lorene Brown, who has lived there for 18 years, said she received notice on Monday.

“Everybody gotta find somewhere to go,” Brown said. “Lot of peoples over here, elder peoples over here don’t have a ride, can’t get away to get boxes or anything.”

Veronica Johnson said the complex hasn’t had management since November. The two-year resident said she received a paper notice in November that said the Eagle Creek Management company would no longer serve as the apartment’s management agent. The notice also stated that residents should direct all questions to Michelle Ross with Multifamily Housing and Rural Development. Johnson said she was the only one who received that notice so she made copies of it for her neighbors.

She’s called Ross multiple times and hasn’t received enough answers.

“I asked her what was going on, how we gonna pay our rent, who gonna pick up our rent,” Johnson said. “[Ross] said she didn’t know, she told me ‘just hold on to your money orders, and I’ll let y’all know.’”

According to Brown, Ross told her Monday that the building is under foreclosure but doesn’t know when the tenants will need to move out.

Brown also said Ross told her that the residents would get housing vouchers, but Brown doesn’t know when they’ll receive the vouchers or the voucher’s value. The vouchers can’t be applied to many places in Grimes County and residents don’t know if they’ll be able to use them for moving expenses as many tenants don’t have their own transportation, according to Brown.

On top of the sudden foreclosure notice, residents like Trimetra Williams have been dealing with maintenance issues for many months. Williams said she has a leaking and molding ceiling in her grandchildren’s room. She has called Ross about that issue and hasn’t received a response.

KBTX reached out to Ross, the Navasota Housing Authority and the Navasota Landing Apartment complex but didn’t receive an answer.

The residents have come together to support and pray for one another as they search for answers and prepare to move themselves and their families.

“I still trust God,” resident Alvina Samuel said. “I will still trust God and praise him in advance because I know the situation, the battle isn’t mine but it’s the Lord’s.”

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