Pride Assist Baseball hoping to face-off against new teams this season

The Pride Assist Baseball team welcomes players of all ages and all abilities.
Published: Feb. 18, 2022 at 5:04 PM CST
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - The Pride Assist Baseball team has fun playing scrimmage games against one another, but this season, they’re ready to take on some new competition.

Their coach, Jenn Heaton, is hoping other baseball and softball teams in the area will come out and play against her team in the spring. She says her players are eager to learn more about baseball from other players.

Players like Jacob, Lauren, and Wendy say Pride Assist Baseball is all about having fun with friends. Wendy’s mom, Sue Calhoun, calls Pride Assist Baseball “acceptance personified.” Players and parents credit Coach Heaton with creating this fun, inclusive experience for people of all abilities, but Coach Heaton says it’s all thanks to God, and her son Jack, who has loved baseball his whole life.

The players have big dreams, according to Heaton, and one of those dreams is to meet and play with the Texas A&M Baseball team. Lorenzo and Jimmy, both players on the team, agree that if they do get to face-off against the Aggies, Pride Assist Baseball is sure to walk away with the win.

After they beat the Aggies, they say they’ll move on to play against the Houston Astros, and probably beat them too.

If you know anyone who plays in a baseball or softball league in the Brazos Valley, let them know that the Pride Assist Baseball team wants to play them this spring. You can get in contact with Heaton by calling 979-229-5089.

Heaton says the team is also in need of a facility to practice and play games on. They’ve had to move locations several times due to inclement weather and they haven’t been able to secure a go-to location for practice. The players look forward to seeing each other and getting to play baseball each week, and Heaton says she hates to have to cancel when they can’t find a spot to play. If you think you’d be able to help the team find a field to call home, contact Coach Heaton.

Heaton posted this on Facebook, asking the community to form teams who want to play a great...
Heaton posted this on Facebook, asking the community to form teams who want to play a great game of baseball against a great team!(KBTX)

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