Texas A&M Forest Service warns about potential wildfire activity over the weekend

Published: Mar. 4, 2022 at 12:17 PM CST
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Right now it is peak wildfire season and Texas A&M Forest Service warns that from Friday to Sunday it could be when wildfires are at their worst. This is also known as dormant fire season and the only way for the situation to get better is with some heavy rainfall.

Texas A&M Forest Service State Public Information Officer Erin O’Conner says that peak season could last at least for another month.

”From mid-February to about mid-April is when we tend to see the most wildfire activity and when we have that underlying drought that we’re currently seeing again we’re just expecting to have wildfire activity over the next few months,” said O’Connor.

People have also bee warned to use caution when doing everyday activities that could potentially start a wildfire. Nine out of 10 wildfires in Texas are caused by human activity and could be very dangerous with the above normal temperatures and increased wind speeds approaching for the weekend.

“Parking your vehicle in dry grass, those catalytic converters can get really hot and cause an ignition. Mowing our lawn, if that hits a rock it can cause a spark. Welding, equipment use, so things like that can start wildfires in Texas.” said O’Conner.

Texas A&M Forest service also recommends families have an evacuation kit packed and plan in case a wildfire does escalate

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