From the Ground Up: Crops planted, awaiting favorable weather

Published: Apr. 14, 2022 at 10:38 AM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - The growing season starts in Texas well ahead of our friends in the Midwest, mostly because of the warmer weather. We’re in the in between phase right now, where some crops have already been planted, and others are waiting for the right time, namely the right weather, to get to planting.

Jay Wilder is a farmer in eastern Burleson County. The market has driven him to switch up the normal rotation of his crops and go more cotton heavy.

“Fertilizer costs and fuel costs are what’s driving our decisions right now,” says Wilder. “Hopefully we have a somewhat normal year, and we don’t have to do a lot of irrigation, but we’ve figured that into our costs so we’ll do that if we need to.”

While cotton sells for more, it’s also more expensive to grow. “Fertilizer costs are over two and a half times the cost of what they were last year, where cotton, our market costs, is NOT two and a half times.”

Add in the higher fuel costs for equipment, and a dry, windy start to spring has affected crops already in the ground. “[There is] marginal moisture so we didn’t want to disturb our seed bed, but yet the wind we’ve had this spring has not allowed us to do a whole lot of chemical work to kill these weeds.”

“They’re using the same exact moisture that our crop needs, they’ll use up our nutrients from fall fertilizer applications.”

With that taken into account, corn and sorghum appear to be going up well, so far.

“You can see a little leaf damage, may have been a little hail damage in that one system that came through, but I think it’s in good shape at the moment, it could definitely use the rain,” says Wilder.

Just like we’re waiting for rain for the lawn here in town, crops are primed and ready to get a good soaking.

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