Residents take to social media after recent property crimes in Bryan/College Station

Published: Apr. 14, 2022 at 10:30 PM CDT
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BRYAN/COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - The topic of local crimes has taken over social media. Residents in Bryan, College Station, and the Brazos Valley as a whole are posting more about crimes that have hit close to home.

Magaly Martel of College Station took to the app Next Door Monday after she discover her camper was stolen from her apartment complex in the 1900 block of Dartmouth Street. She says the theft makes her feel vulnerable.

“It’s the most horrible feeling, you know, that somebody can just take away something that you worked so hard on,” said Martel.

Martel says the camper was more than just a travel vehicle and was very sentimental to her family. Martel and her husband purchased the camper at the beginning of the pandemic, right after the initial shutdown when she lost her job. She says the camper was a place of peace and togetherness for the family.

“It became a little bit of a family project. We all worked on it. We purchased all the material, tools and we finished it to what we wanted and needed,” said Martel.

Martel says getting a new camper is an option but getting the family camper back would mean the world to them.

“It’s one of a kind. We built it. There’s never going to be one just like it,” said Martel.

Stolen Camper Facebook Post
Stolen Camper Facebook Post(KBTX)

Monday night just four miles away, Mats Millington had all four rims and tires stolen off his Honda. He posted online Tuesday morning saying, “Woke up this morning to my wheels stolen off my car at my apartments. So anyone in College Station if you see them for sale anywhere please report it.” Millington says the thefts are frustrating because they happening more.

“The fact that it’s the week of Good Friday and Easter,” said Millington. “So I don’t know how long it’s gonna take to get new rims and tires because of insurance. Having multiple people reach out and say that it’s just really common everywhere so apartment complexes should be doing more to protect their tenants.”

Stolen tires and wheels Facebook post
Stolen tires and wheels Facebook post(KBTX)

Just a few miles away in Bryan around 4:00 a.m. Thursday, Lauren Goza said she was awakened by construction-like sounds. What she soon discovered was her neighbor’s catalytic converter had just been stolen.

Her post on Next Door said, “Woke up the sound of my neighbor’s catalytic converter being cut out of their truck at 4 am. I filed a report with BPD. I’m glad the dash cams I ordered will be in today but sad this is still happening.”

She described seeing a person in a dark hoodie leaving the 2100 block of Barak Lane in Bryan in a silver Honda.

”I woke up my boyfriend and I was like, ‘hey, go look under your car. Go start it and let’s see if it was your catalytic converter.’ It wasn’t his but it was actually our neighbor’s that were parked one car next to us,” said Goza.

Next Door Post
Next Door Post(KBTX)

Sgt. Broddrick Bailey with the Bryan Police Department says as these types of crimes increase in the twin cities, it’s important for residents to speak out on the social media platforms, especially when they’re not comfortable going directly to the police.

“We do the best that we can to be everywhere. But unfortunately, the police department cannot be everywhere,” said Bailey. “So when we have these online communities and concerned citizens that want to make reports this is a good way to pass the information on to police officers and on to the department so we can learn about crime in the area.”

We reached out to the College Station Police Department for comment. They were unavailable for an interview.

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