Be Remarkable: Ebony Peterson’s passion is helping others succeed

The local activist is encouraging her neighbors to be more involved in politics and she’s working overtime to help local Black-owned businesses succeed.
The local activist is encouraging her neighbors to be more involved in politics and she’s working overtime to help local Black-owned businesses succeed.
Published: May. 23, 2022 at 7:13 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - At almost anytime in the week, you can find Ebony Peterson out in the community networking and supporting local black-owned businesses like Hair With a Twist boutique in Bryan.

Supporting these shops is something she’s passionate about.

“They told us that 40% of black-owned businesses were shut down due to COVID,” said Peterson in a recent interview with KBTX.

It’s why she has been working with the REACH Project on an initiative called 1 Million Black Businesses. The program is part of a nationwide effort to start, grow, and scale one million Black businesses by the year 2030, but Peterson’s drive to give back to her hometown began two years ago following the death of George Floyd. She and Tre Watson helped organize local protests and awareness campaigns about what was happening but her activism didn’t stop there.

She began pushing more people in her community to get out and vote, and even took a run at an open school board seat although she didn’t win the race, she’s still using that experience to encourage others to run in an effort to diversify local leadership.

“I can at least get someone that’s from the community to represent the community because nobody else can represent your community better than somebody that actually lives here,” said Peterson. “Because how can you represent somebody you know nothing about?”

“Our local elections are important. I cannot scream and yell that out as much as possible. You know, people always worry about what goes on in the White House and what goes on in DC, but they don’t understand the importance of local elections, like that, is the most important election that you can ever go to vote in,” she said.

Peterson also serves on boards of local nonprofit organizations and is a member of Young Dems BCS. She still has aspirations of serving as an elected official for her city and the mother of two recently graduated from Prairie View A&M, where she obtained a degree in criminal justice, specializing in juvenile justice.

“I would like to open a girls’ home here locally to help young girls who have either been in the system or maybe been to jail or juvenile, but I want to help them out to become successful adults to keep the recidivism rate low,” said Peterson.

Prior to graduation, Peterson suffered a health scare.

“In December, right before finals, because I was so stressed out about finals at school and just you know, doing everything that I needed to do for my community, I had a stroke. But hey, by the grace of God, I made it through and I’m still here standing to continue the work that I want to do for my community,” she said.

In nominating Peterson for the Be Remarkable award, her mother Jocelyn wrote, “Ms. Ebony is a young lady who is legally blind, has run for school board, and is also on the adapted senior board. She does way beyond her ability, I think so, because of her health problems, but I have watched her service our community without complaints. She has to Uber everywhere she goes because of her blindness, but she takes food to families and to the homeless.”

Hair With a Twist boutique owner Audrika Turner said about Peterson, “She speaks it. She walks it. She’s not the kind of person who is just going to sit behind a desk and watch it on TV. She’s going to be there and participating because she wants to keep us informed. She knows what’s going on in our community and that’s a big plus. She’s paying attention.”

Ebony Peterson’s efforts to help others in her hometown are why KBTX and Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers are proud to present her with this week’s Be Remarkable award.

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