Texas wildlife film set to debut June 3rd

“Deep in the Heart” highlights what makes Texas “Texas” when it comes to wildlife.
Published: Jun. 2, 2022 at 12:00 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Deep in the Heart is a one-of-kind film that tells the story of Texas wildlife and landscapes, while also highlighting the importance of conservation.

It’s written and directed by Aggie Ben Masters, who is known for directing the feature length-documentary The River and The Wall and for producing the film, Unbranded, and and narrated by native Texan and Oscar-winning actor, Matthew McConaughey

Masters credits his time at Texas A&M as part of the inspiration for the new film.

“I grew up in Texas and grew up in Amarillo. I always watched BBC and National Geographic and all these really awesome wildlife movies,” said Masters. “I studied wildlife biology at Texas A&M in their wildlife school and that’s where it really like dawned on me that Texas has, in my opinion, as magnificent of wildlife spectacles and landscapes as anywhere in the world.”

For Masters, creating Deep in the Heart has been a dream project for him. He says it took four years to create.

“To create something similar to [Disney’s documentary] Planet Earth in style, but based here in Texas, based our home, and to get to show off some of these really amazing animals and landscapes that we have here,” said Masters.

In this family-friendly film, the audience has the opportunity to travel across the state, meeting all different kinds of animals from rare ocelots to Guadalupe bass to bison to blind salamanders and so much more.

Viewers will also learn about the various landscapes Texas is home to like the high peaks in west Texas and the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary in the Gulf of Mexico.

Tying all these storylines together is a lesson on conservation.

“One of the things I found amazing making this film is every single river has an organization that is trying to improve the health of the river,” said Masters. “Every single eco-region has a scientist and an organization that is dedicating all of their time and all of these resources to figuring out the best way to manage that particular part of Texas.”

So to help these organizations, the film ends with a call to action and a list of these organizations. You can also learn more by clicking here.

“We’re hoping that the film is able to do a lot of good, not only in you know kind of showing people who haven’t taken the time to fully appreciate how amazing Texas is, but also to help advocate for a lot of these organizations that are doing a lot of the boots on the ground work,” said Masters.

Deep in the Heart debuts in select Texas theaters on June 3, click here to purchase tickets.

Get ready for your minds to be blown by the sheer beauty and drama that exists at Bracken Cave! This cave just 20 miles outside of San Antonio hosts the largest congregation of mammals in the world, and it has never been documented quite like this. Cinematographers Skip Hobbie, Ryan Olinger and Austin Alvarado went to Bracken Cave every night for three weeks during the summer of 2020 to film this sequence. They covered every angle possible in every way imaginable, and captured the wildlife spectacle at Bracken Cave in a way that has never been done before. We would go into detail on some of the jaw/dropping shots they got, but we don't want to give any spoilers — you'll just have to see it for yourself! Watch the full sequence in a Texas theater starting June 3. Find tickets at deepintheheartwildlife.com #deepintheheartfilm

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