TDCJ resumes prison transports following Gonzalo Lopez escape

Published: Jun. 13, 2022 at 5:00 PM CDT
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CENTERVILLE, Texas (KBTX) - TDCJ resumed inmate transportation Monday after reviewing their procedures following the escape of Gonzalo Lopez in Leon County.

Five people were murdered near Centerville by Lopez, who was killed in a shootout with law enforcement in South Texas.

The Texas Rangers are still looking into the homicides of Mark Allen Collins, Waylon Collins, Carson Collins, Bryson Collins and Hudson Collins.

The Office of the Inspector General is also looking into how Lopez was able to get out of his restraints, cut through a metal door on the transport bus, and attack the driver before fleeing into the woods.

Leon County Sheriff Kevin Ellis recently said he expects more details to be released at some point.

”Yes [Lopez] had plenty of time to think about it and all of that investigation is being done by OIG and I’ll assure you they are on that. They are running down everything and have been, and have a lot information on what happened that’s not being released. They will release later,” Ellis said.

Residents in Centerville are rattled still after that lengthy manhunt and deaths.

TDCJ announced Friday new enhanced transport measures include three officers on buses, new search procedures of inmates, video surveillance equipment on buses as well as an independent security review by an outside party.

Residents want more answers including Alleen Daniele. Her home was in the cordoned off area where law enforcement had been searching for Lopez prior to his death.

“I think there definitely needs to be answers for everyone here too when they get them if they get them. And I hope it’ll make a whole lot of changes at TDC that something like this can’t happen again,” she said.

We reached out to TDCJ for an interview to get more details about their investigation Monday. They declined our TV request.

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