As employee expenses rise one Bryan company tries to lessen the burden

Published: Jun. 29, 2022 at 6:28 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Cassidy Currie spends a lot of time on the road. She’s the assisted living director at Crestview Retirement Communities and said she spends at least $100 every time she fills her tank.

“I have to pick my son up from daycare every morning and evening and, of course, back and forth to work,” Currie said. “We also do a lot of traveling. [Methodist Retirement Communities] has six other communities in Texas.”

According to AAA, the average gallon of gas in Texas is $4.51. That’s not too far from the national average, which is $4.87.

Crestview sits under the umbrella of the Methodist Retirement Communities, which recently started adding an extra $30 to full-time employees’ checks and $15 to part-time employees’ checks to give some relief with the rising gas prices. Although this is temporary, employees will continue to see the added money as management monitors the price at the pump.

One of Crestview’s certified nursing assistants and rehab coordinator Sharon Byrd said rising gas prices have impacted her budget. The Navasota resident normally fills her tank every other day, which costs her at least $70 weekly.

“It’s cutting into my shopping, but I want to conserve the gas so I can make sure I get to work and other little things,” Byrd said.

Texas A&M University business professor Jordana George said if salaries don’t keep up with rising expenses, there will be a major shift in the workforce.

A recent survey conducted in April by Grant Thornton LLP showed that 40% of workers left their job to make at least 10% more somewhere else.

“When the dollar just doesn’t go as far, maybe they’ll start looking at opportunities such as working for an international firm remotely, moving to a less expensive state, moving to a different country,” George said.

Although a smart move, George believes companies being able to increase pay like Crestview isn’t feasible for many others.

“Unless the CEO steps in, they don’t have an easy way to address out of the ordinary and extreme economic changes like the one we’re going through right now,” George said.

For employees like Currie and Byrd who are benefiting from a pay increase, they believe actions like this don’t go unnoticed.

“It definitely gives you just a little bit of cushion, but I think mostly for the employees, they don’t feel like they’re alone in this,” Currie said.

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