Bryan city council holds first budget workshop of the year

Published: Jun. 29, 2022 at 10:44 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - The city of Bryan is getting a first look at rising costs due to inflation as they held their first budget workshop for 2022. The city council is hopeful they can map out a plan everyone can agree on.

Although the final cost of this year’s budget is still up in the air, Bryan Mayor Andrew Nelson still feels good about the first meeting of the year.

“While we haven’t gotten the final numbers from the county’s appraisals office I think we had good discussion,” says Nelson. “What is very clear is that there’s a lot of volatility and a lot of uncertainty with inflation, with pricing, with the economy.”

It was the first budget workshop for newly elected Bryan City Councilman James Edge. He says it’s important that the council puts the community they serve first.

“The people make up about fifty percent of the budget here in the city of Bryan and so we have to be very very careful that we don’t put the city in a position where we can’t fill the obligations that we made,” says Edge.

The city hasn’t proposed a change to citizens’ tax rates just yet. Inflation and rising property values are concerns for communities but the council is hoping to offer some relief.

“There was discussion about considering a half cent cut in the city rate which is a minority percentage in the overall property taxes citizens pay. But we have a role to play,” says Nelson.

Bryan city council’s next budget meeting is currently scheduled for July 12. Officials plan to start looking at departmental budgets.

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