Texans look at switching to solar energy

Solar power is getting more popular in Texas due to rising costs of energy.
Solar power is getting more popular in Texas due to rising costs of energy.(William Arvance)
Published: Jul. 12, 2022 at 10:25 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -As the temperatures in Texas continue to get hotter, the Texas power grid is getting weaker. Solar energy is a hot topic of discussion after ERCOT put out a conservation appeal on July 9.

Owner and President of All Solar Texas LLC, William Arvance, is proud to call Bryan-College Station his home. Arvance has deep roots in the city of College Station. He recently moved back to the area after he was living in Houston, where he worked with a utility company. That’s when he quickly realized after the 2021 freeze that he had to do something about the cost of energy.

“Let’s rally around as a community to be our own energy provider and energy supplier and just not rely on the grid so much,” said Arvance.

After the July 9 ERCOT conservation appeal, Arvance said there is no better time to learn about switching over to solar energy.

“What solar does, is it steps in and says we’re going to take the pressure off of the grid,” said Arvance. “The panels lay locally, right on your rooftop. When you are consuming it, it’s producing at the same time.”

A plus side to solar power is that you don’t have to worry about what condition the power grid is in.

“You’re completely removing that. So what you’re paying for is the solar panels on your roof,” Arvance said. “All to produce the electricity you need or more, for which the city of College Station will buy that back from you.”

Arvance said if you produce an extended amount of energy, the city of College Station would rather buy it from you than any other energy company. He said it’s much cheaper, and you’re benefiting from it just as much as they are.

Andrew Dessler, Atmospheric Sciences professor at Texas A&M University, said this renewable resource comes with lower energy bills, even in extreme heat.

“We would have reliable cheap power,” said Dessler. “Solar energy wouldn’t pollute the air. It wouldn’t expose us to national security problems like fossil fuels do.”

Dessler said more solar energy would alleviate the issues with the power grid immensely.

“Solar is kicking butt right now. It’s giving out power at the times people need it most,” Dessler said.

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