Lack of rain brings unbearable drought to farmers

Published: Jul. 22, 2022 at 10:51 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -As the lack of rain continues to affect the state of Texas, farmers and ranchers impacted by the drought in our area may become eligible for financial assistance through the United States Department of Agriculture.

Some Texans are already using USDA’s ELAP program to cover above average expenses for hauling water and livestock, feeding livestock or grazing acres. But, Brazos County isn’t eligible just yet, due to the fact we are only at the D2 level.

Texas has seen below average rain and above average temperatures, many compare it to the drought in 2011. This year, many farmers and ranchers are left making several difficult decisions.

Hope Bay Moriarty, Ag Supply Division Manager at Producer’s Cooperative Association, told us a tough question that many of her customers come into the store with is what to do with their land and animals because they can’t find water and other supplies to take care of it.

“Over 90 percent of Texas is in a drought right now,” said Moriarty. “So its wide spread. Its not like you can just move over a few counties and find some relief as far as finding some green grass. There is no relief.”

Texas has received less than eight inches of rain so far in 2022. Moriarty said even if we gain eligibility for financial assistance from USDA’s ELAP program, its a long way to go for Texas.

“We’re unfortunately not in that list. I mean if you look at the weather forecast. Its just a matter of weeks before we’ll make the list. We’re right there on the cusp of being in a full drought,” Moriarty said.

Ally Lot, Manager at The Feed Barn, said other than the major drought Texas agriculturalists are going through, there are many other issues as well. Including lack of supply and skyrocketing prices.

”We are selling out of the supply so quickly. Rather than ordering half tons of trucks, we’ve been ordering the full tonnage to fill up that entire truck,” said Lot. “Even then I feel like we get it in and then just have to order more the next week.”

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