Student Bonfire searching for new location after land was sold

Published: Aug. 2, 2022 at 9:35 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - A storied tradition in the area will be going through a change. Student bonfire will be moving locations for the first time since 2009 after its current location was sold to land developers.

Dion McInnis led the student bonfire from 2003-2004 and now is a part of the student bonfire board of directors. With the tall structure the students are putting together he says there will always be challenges and finding a new location is just an obstacle he believes the students will overcome.

“Every year there is a definitive challenge that bonfire is tasked with treating as an opportunity,” says McInnis. “I’m happy for them that they get this challenge in July and August and not in October and November.”

While the committee is looking for a new place for the student bonfire to call home, they will be examining a number of things that will go into finding the perfect place to start stacking lumber.

“If we can make it something that’s easier to get in and get out of, that’s going to be the cherry on top. Ultimately starting first with a good, firm, flat surface to build the structure on,” says McInnis.

This year’s senior redpot and truckpot for the student bonfire is Matt Cline. He has been a part of building student bonfire since his freshman year at Texas A&M.

Even though they didn’t have to move until this year, Cline and everyone involved with student bonfire was prepared for this situation.

“We’ve been subconsciously planning for something like this for years. It’s just something that needed to get done. It’s nothing to freak out about or for us to worry about. It’s something that get’s done and we’re going to get better through it,” says Cline.

The student bonfire committee is taking suggestions about locations they can use for the build. You can email them at

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