Keep Brazos Beautiful presents eight awards at luncheon

Organizations and individuals awarded for green efforts
Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 7:47 PM CDT
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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - Keep Brazos Beautiful presented eight awards during its 2022 luncheon on Thursday, August 11 at the Hilton Hotel in College Station.

According to John Burrescia, the Keep Brazos Beautiful president, the annual event honors local citizens, organizations, and groups who have been nominated for their efforts to keep Brazos County clean, green, and beautiful.

“Improving the way things look and promoting programs like recycling and litter clean-up is what we’re all about and what we’ve been about since the 80s,” Burrescia said. “This event is where we thank volunteers and the public for the support they’ve given us and to award those who have done a great job throughout the year.”

Award recipients were presented with a plaque during the event, but they will also receive a trophy at a later date. Award categories included the Keeper of the Kingdom Award, the Media Award, Can Do Recycling Award, Miller Youth Award, the Green Business Award and the Emerging Leader Award.

“This is just a memento of how we say thank you,” Burrescia said. “All awardees, we provided their lunch to them today, we provided an award to them and it’s just a way for us to say thank you at our big event at the end of the year. It’s how we give back.”

Keep Brazos Beautiful also awarded twelve recent high school graduates with scholarships.

“We try to be generational,” Burrescia said. “We look at an older generation that’s passed on a certain environment to us, so it’s our responsibility to take what we have and promote this mentality of litter clean up, recycling and beautification. Clean, green and beautiful is what we’re always trying to promote to the next generation.”

Burrescia said the overarching message is selfless service.

“If I had to put my finger on the most important aspect of today it’s the recognition of the people who have provided us with this opportunity, the recognition of the people who have done the work to earn the awards, and finally the promotion to the next generation of here’s a scholarship, go do great things and remember to give back to your community,” Burrescia said.



This Award is given to the university, governmental employees, or elected officials whose efforts have supported the Keep Brazos Beautiful mission of keeping our community clean, green, and beautiful. The Keepers of the Kingdom Award is presented to:

Tassie Hermann

Carlos Brooks

Amanda Roop


This Award is given to an individual or organization whose efforts in waste minimization and recycling stand above the rest. The Can-Do Recycling Award is presented to Kristianna Bowles.


This award is provided by and named for Keep Brazos Beautiful’s founders Dorothy and Jack Miller. This award is a special award given to an individual or group who worked to improve our community’s environment by demonstrating leadership that instills pride and creates a positive and sustainable impact on the community. The Miller Youth Award is presented to Thomas Jistel.


This Award is given to local media organizations, personalities, or staff whose efforts have significantly aided local environmental issues. The Media Award is presented to Ali Mueller.


This award is given to a local business that incorporates green practices, consciously conserves resources, or demonstrates environmental stewardship.

Lauren Taranow with Symton, Inc.


This award is given to a young (under 40) or college student who has made a positive impact on the community through their leadership and passion for the environment.

Jesse Carswell

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