CSPD says one group is connected to up to 20 vehicle burglary crimes

Published: Aug. 23, 2022 at 10:19 PM CDT
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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - Police have arrested two men involved with a string of car burglaries dating back to March.

Around 20 incidents were collected by College Station Police all in the same area of south College Station around Barron Road and Longmire Drive.

20-year-old Frederick Farnell and 19-year-old Adrian Adams of Bryan are charged with multiple crimes including burglary of vehicles and engaging in organized crime. The men were connected to the crimes via cell phone data, recorded phone calls from jail, and witness accounts.

According to court documents, two other men are suspected in the burglaries as well. Detectives from the College Station Police Department were able to piece together 16 vehicle burglaries or attempts and four vehicle thefts.

Many of the burglaries resulted in cash and guns being stolen.

The group attempted to steal one vehicle from Stoney Creek Lane on April 2 but the power steering was out according to the vehicle owner, Jennifer Kramer.

Kramer was woken up the following morning by police, telling her the vehicle was crashed into a tree in the yard and wanted to know why.

“I realized somebody had gotten to my vehicle and attempted to take off. It kind of broke that sense of security. I have four kids here by myself, so it was a little unsettling,” Kramer said.

Detectives found fingerprints from the group of men connecting her close call with other burglaries. Kramer’s car suffered minimal damage from the tree and attempted theft. According to documents, the group of men would repeatedly come to College Station to burglarize vehicles, steal firearms and steal vehicles.

Multiple stolen guns and technology were recovered by police.