Rain causes Still Creek flooding in residential areas, covering roadways

“I need help from the city, this happens all the time.”
Published: Aug. 30, 2022 at 9:18 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - After months without rain, a downpour Tuesday caught some residents off guard.

Still Creek in Bryan flooded in multiple areas, covering roadways and trapping some residents.

Angelita Juarez’s house located near Texas Ave. and State Highway 21 became an island as water cut off her access to neighbors and roadways. She has a son whos disabled and she’s worried about what might happen if this rain continues.

“The water was all the way right here. I had to put these boards right here. It was all the way right here, my dog in this back has a big kennel, I had to get him out. The neighbors got him. The creek is just full of water and it took some of my bridge right there and I don’t know if I’ll be able to cross [the road] but I’ve got a handicapped son inside and might need help if it rains,” Juarez said. “The water is just terrible here, it’s just bad. I was scared; I was crying out to the neighbors. They just came, if I needed help. They’re so kind, it’s just this creek. I need help from the city, this happens all the time.”

The owner of a nearby automotive shop spent the afternoon working to move vehicles around as the rain crept over the tires. One vehicle got stuck as he worked to move it out of the water.

A roadway near Kemp-Carver Elementary School also flooded, causing it to be shut down for a short amount of time. The issue was over Mumford Rd. as parents came to pick up their kids from school.

Multiple vehicles crossed over the flood waters, some maneuvering around barricades in order to get through. It is illegal to drive around police barricades and it is dangerous to drive through flood waters.

Bryan ISD told KBTX they rerouted some afternoon bus routes to avoid low-lying areas.