Flag and certificate presented at Bowen Elementary

Published: Sep. 16, 2022 at 5:35 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Students gathered inside Bowen Elementary School’s cafeteria Friday afternoon to observe a special presentation by a U.S. soldier.

Last year, Bowen Elementary School participated in their first ever “adoption“ and “adopted” Staff Sergeant Desiree McCulloch who was deployed Iraq at the time. Student made cards, banners and other goodies that they sent to McCulloch and her fellow Task Force Medical 16 Soldiers. To show the soldiers appreciation McCulloch presented Bowen with an American Flag that was flown over their temporary hospital in Baghdad, Iraq along with a certificate.

The “adoption” was organized by McCulloch mother, Cheri Keller, who works at Bowen as a pre-k teacher. Keller came up with the idea as a way to teach students about “character traits” while they supported the soldiers.

“I wanted all of our kids even my little pre-k kids to know what kindness can do even just a small thing can make someone else happy,” Keller said. “It goes above and beyond just them and even the smallest bit of joy can make a difference. It was really good for the soldiers and it was really good for our kids doing something for others.”

McCulloch said she was excited when she learned about the “adoption” and knew her mother would be able to provide a variety of different goodies that the soldiers would enjoy.

“I think it’s really special because teachers are their own super hero, so it’s really important for me to recognize that, the honor it is for us to be supported by our community,” McCulloch said.

Keller said the students made cards on Veterans Day, a banner signed by students and teachers for Thanksgiving and more cards and gifts for Christmas.

“Once the students really got into it they kept wanting to do more and once they realized what was happening, getting into Thanksgiving and Christmas, they were kind of like oh this is really fun,” Keller said. “You know the soldiers can’t be with their families and we just want to give them a little bit of love and encouragement from our Bowen family.”

Keller said she’s already working on plans for something Bowen Elementary could do this year that will be local.

“People don’t realize what our military gives and sacrifices,” Keller said. “Being teachers we work hard making sure all of our students realize the world is so big beyond us and it’s not just academic it’s character, and doing something with your life no matter how big, small or different it may be.”

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