Restricted Occupancy Overlay becomes official in College Station neighborhood

KBTX News 3 at Six(Recurring)
Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 5:36 PM CDT
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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - College Station City Council approved the first Restricted Occupancy Overlay at Thursday, Sept. 22′s meeting.

The rezoning offers a subdivision-specific occupancy regulation of no more than two unrelated people in a single-family home in College Station.

The neighborhood in the North Forest Estates located on Justin Avenue off Emerald Parkway will be affected. Specifically, there are 26 lots that will now be under the rezoning.

A couple of residents on Justin Avenue told KBTX they aren’t thrilled with the rezoning plan. Although, the neighborhood couldn’t have looked at the rezoning without at least 50 percent plus one of the residents signing a petition in favor of the ROO.

Alyssa Halle-Schramm, College Station Long Range Planning Administrator, said they surpassed the rezoning request with flying numbers.

“In this case they had 73 percent of the votes approve,” said Halle-Schramm. “So it was way beyond what we needed for that threshold. There were 20 signatures that we had to look through. We could pass 19.”

Halle-Schramm said the rezoning will go into full effect 10 days after it was approved on Thursday’s meeting. Residents and soon to be homebuyers in that area should expect a change on Oct. 3.

To find out more about the Restricted Occupancy Overlay and the process to apply, click here.

To view the City’s zoning map, which will show the North Forest Estates ROO zoning, click here.