Bryan police looking at home security camera clips in hunt for attacker

“Due to the suspect being at large, we encourage our community to ensure they secure their home, including locking their doors.”
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Published: Nov. 7, 2022 at 11:05 PM CST
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - The Bryan Police Department continues to search for a man who attacked and sexually assaulted two people this past weekend in an area north of Northgate between Texas Avenue and Wellborn Road.

Only a vague description of the suspect has been provided but homeowners are coming forward with home surveillance videos that may help crack the case.

In the first video that’s been shared, a person dressed in all black is seen attempting to open the side door of a home but walks away after the failed attempt to get inside. The incident happened just before 6:00 a.m. Saturday and police have called the person seen in the video a person of interest.

In a second video provided to KBTX by another homeowner in the same area, a person dressed in similar clothing and with a hoodie is seen attempting to get into a home but leaves after realizing the door is locked. In this video, taken around 6:30 a.m. Saturday, the person appears to be wearing all white but police say that’s because of the infrared sensor and the suspect may, in fact, be in all black.

The two videos have been widely shared on social media by concerned residents, students, and parents in the area.

Police first announced on Sunday afternoon they were investigating two separate cases of a sexual assault likely committed by the same person.

Details of the attacks and the streets where they occurred were not shared with the public.

A statement released by police said, “Due to the suspect being at large, we encourage our community to ensure they secure their home, including locking their doors. The Bryan Police Department had extra patrols in the area early this morning along with other tactical techniques to help identify and arrest this suspect. These steps will continue until the suspect is arrested.”

Police are urging everyone to use caution, lock doors and windows, and be alert to their surroundings.

“If you’re walking home from Northgate, if you’re walking home down in those areas, just be vigilant of your surroundings,” Bryan Police Officer Kole Taylor said. “We’re instinctual creatures as humans. So if you feel something is wrong, it’s probably something off.”

College Station police on Monday said its agency has not had any reports of an attack or attempted attack that could be linked to the cases in Bryan.

At Texas A&M University, officials shared an e-mail with students alerting them to the crimes but stopped short of sharing a Code Maroon alert, saying it didn’t meet the criteria since the attacks were off-campus.

“The University is currently monitoring the situation very closely and working with local law enforcement partners as they investigate these incidents. The Code Maroon System is only utilized for ongoing life safety emergencies affecting the campus community. As these incidents occurred off-campus and did not pose an ongoing threat to the campus, a Code Maroon warning is not the best method of communication for notifying the campus. Bryan Police Department has been working with the local media to share information about the incident,” the university said in a statement Monday.

Police ask that anyone with information concerning these crimes contact 979-361-3888.

Anyone who sees something suspicious should call 911 and consider this suspect armed and dangerous. You should not confront a suspect, but rather contact 911.