St. Joseph Health participates in Hospital Emergency Response Training

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Published: Nov. 14, 2022 at 5:03 PM CST
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - On Monday St. Joseph Health participated in the second day of its Hospital Emergency Response Training which took place at the St. Joseph Health Regional Hospital in Bryan.

The hospital system partnered with the Texas A&M School of Nursing Public Health Class and the College Station Fire Department for the training. The 16-hour FEMA training course took place in the hospital parking lot on Sunday but was held indoors Monday due to weather conditions. Those participating went through classroom sessions, got some hands-on skills by using different types of equipment, and even wore hazmat suits.

Kristen Christian, St. Joseph Health’s director of emergency services said these types of training events help staff better prepare for unexpected situations.

“We learn from those training events on ways to do things better,” Christian said. “You identify gaps that are there and present and you work through those gaps and figure out ways to be ready for whatever scenario may come up.”

Joshua Varner, College Station Fire Department battalion chief said these past two days CSFD worked with participants by setting up decontamination tents, practicing decontamination methods, and teaching them about the different equipment with its regional hazmat team.

“We’re utilizing some of our expertise and what we do out in the field to help show them what to expect when the patient arrives,” Varner said. “They build their team and have the collaboration of information where it flows from us to them.”

Varner said participating in training events and classes is important and helpful for any crisis situation.

“Just the collaboration and getting to see that face time, so that your first meeting is not in a real-world event, you had the opportunity to work with each other before,” Varner said.

Christian said the training has great potential to prepare the hospital and fire department which is why St. Joseph has plans to hold it again in the future.

“Anyone going into health care, in general, should have these responses and not only nurses or doctors, but also our environmental services individuals, our facility people, pharmacy,” Christian said. “Anyone who may participate in the events whether it’s directly or indirectly.”

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