Realtor Cherry Ruffino: ‘Everybody needs to buy a home, it’s your future’

Published: Nov. 29, 2022 at 4:54 PM CST
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - We’re switching it up this week by stepping away from Hot Homes. However, Cherry Ruffino stopped by The Three tobtalk about interest rates and the fluctuating market.

Ruffino says if you are buying a home or thinking about it, you are on the right path.

“Everybody needs to buy a home it’s your future,” says Ruffino. “It’s the one thing you are never going to lose money in.”

Ruffino says next, you want to sit down with a realtor and after that, a mortgage company.

“Let your realtor advise you on a mortgage company to go to, that they trust, that they know is competitive. Mortgage companies are different so you want to make sure you end up with a good one.”

Ruffino says you shouldn’t let bad credit hold you back, the mortgage company can help with that too.

Ruffino says the right time to buy a home is when you’ve qualified and have enough income.

“We sell the most homes during the springtime when school is getting out. But the right time to buy a home is when your finances and monies are right to buy a home.”

Many first-time home buyers fear the process of purchasing a home due to high-interest rates. Ruffino explains, interest rates are governed by the federal government, so whatever they say goes. However, she says you can’t wait for interest to go back to 2-3%. Homebuyers need to get the best rate now, that way they are protecting their money.

“If it’s sitting in the bank, it’s not making any money,” Ruffino said. “Home values are going up too. So you’re making money on the money you put into your home, and the fact that homes are always going to go up in value. Especially, in Bryan, College Station. Even in the worst of times, we never lost value.”

For more information contact Cherry Ruffino here.