Bryan ISD looking at grant for new safety technology

When the board of trustees met on Monday they were presented with a potential grant application for the new technology.
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Published: Dec. 5, 2022 at 7:58 PM CST
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Bryan ISD said its taking another step towards protecting its students and staff by looking into silent panic alert technology.

When the board of trustees met on Monday they were presented with a potential grant application for the new technology, but they decided it would be reviewed at a future meeting. Implementation of this technology would allow a signal to be sent to law enforcement or first responders in the event of an emergency situation. The system could be triggered by a button or activated via technology.

Kevin Beesaw, Bryan ISD Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, said the state of Texas will make the technology mandatory sometime next year, so it’s important to secure funding early.

“We want to make sure that we’re doing everything that we can,” Beesaw said. “Funds are always tight, so it’s a good thing when you can come up with additional funding or whenever the state offers some funding.”

The new system would tie into Bryan ISD’s current Raptor security system, which is used for check-ins and background checks, Beesaw said.

“It would just be an extra button that someone would have at the front desk and at a moment’s notice they could press that button to notify police departments or first responders. It’ll basically be an electronic 9-1-1 call.”

Safety and security are very high priorities for the district and it’s been a focus at the majority of its meetings, Ron Clary, Bryan ISD Executive Director of Operations said.

“We take our jobs very seriously and know they’re sending to us their number one possession and that’s their child,” Clary said. “We want them to feel safe when they come to school.”

Part of district security precautions includes weekly door weeps, exterior fencing, vestibules, specially coated film on windows, and a safety tip hotline, Brian Merrell, Bryan ISD executive director of school leadership for secondary campuses said.

“Clary has formed two sub-committees that are looking at various things whether its detection, whether its additional barriers,” Merrell said. “They’re really evaluating to make sure that it not only meets procedures and protocol but the law enforcement and those individuals will be implemented and integrated into it.”

Merrell said that feedback and communication are crucial to providing safety throughout the district and encouraged anyone who sees something to say something.

“When we talk about feedback it’s not only about the protection you put in place, but it’s about those relationships,” Merrell said. “It’s about the things they know going on because we can’t know everything, but together we can be safe.”

Clary said that a recent state audit commended Bryan ISD’s safety and security procedures.

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