Laugh and cry through the pages of Cherie Cotner’s book

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Published: Jan. 25, 2023 at 3:45 PM CST
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - On one fateful day in December, Cherie Cotner not only survived tragedy, but went on to live an exuberant and joyful life.

That’s what her book, “Breaking Your Neck is a Pain in the Butt: How I Handled Life’s Challenges with Grace and Humor,” is all about.

“In the first year or two after I got hurt, I started writing Christmas letters,” Cotner said. “There were always crazy things happening to me. Every year I had something new to tell. This just came as a natural title. I have a sense of humor, and everyone laughs when they hear the title. That’s the whole point of the book.”

Cotner says even when things aren’t easy, it’s important to have a sense of humor.

“When I look around, I have so many angels in my life. I have support from my family, my friends, my church. I am surrounded with love,” she said.

The book is relatable to anyone going through hardship, regardless of the specific circumstances.

“This is a difficult time, I know. Through faith and perseverance, you can get through it. All of these things that have happened to you make you stronger,” said Cotner.

She admits the book will take readers on an emotions journey but says ultimately it has an uplifting message.

“The book will take you through laughter and tears, but the main takeaway for my readers is that you can still live a joyful and productive life, even if you’ve had something like this happen to you,” the author explained.

You can purchase “Breaking Your Neck is a Pain in the Butt” at Barnes & Noble or online through Amazon.

To learn more about Cotner’s service dog, Vancouver, visit the Service Dogs, Inc. website here.