Pot Heads Plant Shop opens in Bryan, offers over 100 different plant types

KBTX Brazos Valley This Morning(Recurring)
Published: Mar. 22, 2023 at 11:01 AM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Pot Heads Plant Shop isn’t your typical plant store. This new Bryan boutique-style plant shop offers over 100 types of houseplants, plant supplies and local art.

“I wanted a little bit for everybody so you come into my shop and you’re not a plant person, you can still shop here,” owner Bree Frasier said.

Frasier officially opened the shop doors Tuesday, but her passion for plants has been growing since she was a little girl in her grandmother’s garden.

“It’s been instilled in me,” Frasier said. “As I grew older, the obsession kept growing.”

KBTX Brazos Valley This Morning(Recurring)

The shop has plants for beginners like snake and pothos plants along with those that require more attention like alocasia plants. Frasier loves working with first-time plant owners and helping them ease their way to feeling more confident with advanced plants.

“I’ve heard horror stories where you just pick the prettiest plant and then it dies and now you’re scared to be a plant person,” Frasier said. “I want to start you out on the right foot so you fall in love with plants.”

KBTX Brazos Valley This Morning(Recurring)

Some of Frasier’s tips for beginners include:

  • Choose pots with drainage holes. If your desired pot doesn’t have one, water the plant outside of the pot and wait for it to completely drain so that the roots don’t rot. It’s safe to place it back in the pot afterward.
  • Don’t overwater. A good way to know if your plant needs watering is to pick it up to see how heavy it is. If it feels light, it’s time to water it.
  • Have a good potting mix. Topsoil can kill plants by not draining enough water out.
KBTX Brazos Valley This Morning(Recurring)

Plants can be admired and appreciated in different ways at the shop. Frasier has live moss art from a local artist that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep.

“If you tell me you kill plants, I’m going to point you to this wall and say this is the plant for you,” Frasier said. “You can’t get it wet, and you just take care of it every six months by basically dusting it with a can of air.”

Pot Heads Plant Shop also showcases local artists who create candles, paintings, skincare products and more. These artists are a part of Frasier’s Local Makers Program, which gives small business owners the opportunity to have their work in a storefront.

“This allows them to get in front of more customers and local people,” Frasier said. “Our community loves to support local, so why not help out other local businesses?”

The shop is located at 603 South Sims Avenue in Bryan in suite 112. You can learn more about it here along with Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.