Concerns raised over proposed medians in Wellborn community plan

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Published: May. 30, 2023 at 10:45 PM CDT
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WELLBORN, Texas (KBTX) -Residents in the Wellborn community of College Station had another opportunity to share their visions for the future of their community as part of the Envision Wellborn District Plan update.

Every 10 years, College Station city leaders reevaluate the growth and development in communities across the city.

The existing Wellborn Community Plan was initially adopted in 2013 and was a planning effort under the city’s 2009 Comprehensive Plan.

City leaders say the goal of the meetings is to rebrand the original plan while creating a cohesive district that reflects the vision of residents while embracing Wellborn’s unique character.

Wellborn Water tower
Wellborn Water tower(KBTX)

However, residents have expressed dissatisfaction, feeling that their concerns have not been taken seriously throughout the five planning sessions conducted thus far.

One particular proposal that has stirred strong reactions among residents and business owners is the installation of raised medians on Wellborn Road/ FM 2154.

Mike McCleary, a Wellborn resident was one of many voicing their frustration.

“I think we’re being heard but we’re not being listened to,” said McCleary.

While residents and business owners along FM 2154 in Wellborn acknowledge the need for road and traffic improvements, they are less enthused about the potential impact of raised medians on traffic flow to their homes and businesses.

“We need the extra two lanes north and south. We need a middle turn lane, not a raised median,” McCleary said. “They’re not good at all. If you look at Texas Avenue from College Station all the way into Bryan the raised medians all the businesses fell off over there. Highway 30, Harvey Road.”

America's Country Store sign
America's Country Store sign(KBTX)

Some business owners have even mentioned the possibility of relocating should medians be implemented in Wellborn. Considering that the community has very few businesses, they say Wellborn cannot afford to lose them or the associated tax revenue.

“The business will fall off in all these stores around here. When that happens some of them are going to relocate over to Bryan, and College Station is going to lose out on the tax revenue from those businesses. It’s just not a good thing for anyone to have raised medians,” said McCleary.

Alyssa Halle-Schramm, the Long Range Planning Administrator for the City of College Station, acknowledged the community’s concerns regarding the Wellborn Road winding project and the medians. She assured the public that their feedback is being taken into account.

“We are certainly listening. We do know some of the biggest concerns are the Wellborn road winding project and the medians as well. So as we go throughout this process we are making sure TxDot has that feedback specifically as well and they’ve been a very great partner in this,” said Halle-Schramm.

Alyssa Halle-Schramm, the Long Range Planning Administrator for the City of College Station...
Alyssa Halle-Schramm, the Long Range Planning Administrator for the City of College Station meeting with residents.(KBTX)

City staff clarified that no immediate action would be taken, emphasizing that the feedback received would shape future plans.

“We will be working to write the draft over the summer months and then the public can expect another public input meeting early in the fall to unveil a draft version of the plan. It’s really a chance to say did we get it right did we make all the edits that the community would like to see,” said Halle-Schramm.

Wellborn Business Owners Mike McCleary & Rebevra Ofczarzak.
Wellborn Business Owners Mike McCleary & Rebevra Ofczarzak.(KBTX)

Community members launched a petition that has garnered over two thousand signatures, aiming to halt the implementation of these medians.

The petition can be signed at America’s County Store on Wellborn Road.