Bryan man injured in crash near Caldwell has to postpone wedding this weekend

Daniela Cerrillo says canceling the wedding means a lot of lost payments, but her focus is getting David back on his feet.
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Published: Jun. 8, 2023 at 9:09 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - A Bryan man is lucky to be alive after a vehicle crash in Burleson County on Monday morning.

David Muñoz was on his way to work at the time of the crash. His fiancé, Daniela Cerrillo, says she only found out something was wrong when she got a call from his co-worker. David has spent every day in the hospital since the accident and his family is currently by his side.

“I know he would be here for me. I know he would,” Daniela said.

She has spent every day at the hospital with David. He has undergone abdominal surgery to fix a tear in his intestines and will be in a neck brace for the next eight weeks. While Daniela says they expect and pray for him to get released in the next week, the recovery will be much longer than that.

“The sheriff told us that he just found him in a ditch. He didn’t know how he made it out alive,” she said.

The morning of the crash, Daniela was getting ready for their wedding that was supposed to happen this Saturday.

“That day I was about to turn in the marriage certificate so that we could have the official court date,” Daniela said that all changed in the blink of an eye. “Then I get a message from this coworker. He was like, ‘Do you know where David is’ so I’m like, ‘yeah, he’s at work I just saw his location in Caldwell’ ‘Oh, no, he’s in the hospital’ like ‘a hospital? Why, where?’ He’s like ‘over here in Bryan. He got into a wreck but he’s okay. He’s okay.’ But I just knew. He couldn’t be okay, he would have told me something.”

David has a long road to recovery ahead of him, but Daniela says he keeps waking up panicked about getting back to work so he can provide for his family. David has three kids and Daniela says medical payments on top of current expenses and a lack of work will add up.

Daniela asked for prayers for David as he works to recover. But, the couple also created a GoFundMe. Daniela says canceling the wedding means a lot of lost payments, but her focus is getting David back on his feet.

“Just as long as he was good that’s what mattered,” she said. “Everybody’s like ‘Oh what happened to the money for the wedding? I hope you didn’t lose too much.’ At this point it doesn’t matter, all we care about is funds for our home and for his hospital bills.”

The crash happened on Monday morning while David was in Caldwell for work. The GoFundMe can be found here.