Be Remarkable: BISD school counselor is encouraging good behavior with Regal Mart

Sarah D’Olivera runs a rewards program that promotes good behavior on campus and it’s a smashing success!
Sarah D’Olivera runs a rewards program that promotes good behavior on campus and it’s a smashing success!
Published: Aug. 28, 2023 at 6:22 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - There’s a space inside Neal Elementary School in Bryan that has become the site of an inspiring initiative led by school counselor Sarah D’Olivera. It’s called the ‘Regal Mart’,” a unique concept that fosters good behavior among students.

The Regal Mart allows students to exchange their accumulated good behavior points for a variety of enticing items and toys. Some of those items were purchased, some homemade, and others donated, but it’s more than just a reward system; it’s a lesson in responsibility, choices, and the joy of earning something through positive actions.

“I think they see that being responsible and respectful and empowering really does pay off and for right now that might be in this way, but then I believe it fosters motivation where they don’t need a tangible item in the future, and that good behavior becomes part of their character,” said D’Olivera.

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Mrs. D’Olivera has been at Neal Elementary for 11 years first working with the special education program before becoming a counselor. She now spends countless hours curating the mart, stocking its shelves, and creating a community where good behavior is celebrated by students and staff.

“She just is truly dedicated to our school, our kids. She comes in happy smiling every single day when they see her, they light up. She is such an amazing and kindhearted person,” said Kim Fuller, who nominated D’Olivera for the Be Remarkable award. Not only does she run it, but she also spends countless hours setting it up, stocking items, making items, and creating a fun and exciting atmosphere for them to come in and shop. With any event that she is a part of, she goes 1,000% to make it the best event for the students. Sarah loves and knows every student in our school and makes herself available to them whenever there is a need. Words cannot express everything that she is or does for the people she interacts with every day.”

This is why KBTX and Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers are proud to present Sarah D’Olivera with this week’s Be Remarkable award.

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