Bryan ISD to consider a propsed contract with Singleton Zimmer Architects, LLC

Bryan ISD
Bryan ISD(Bryan ISD)
Published: Sep. 10, 2023 at 6:30 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Bryan ISD will consider and take possible action on a proposed contract with Singleton Zimmer Architects, LLC on Monday.

The meeting is scheduled for noon at the Bryan ISD Administration building. If the board approves the proposed contract, Singleton Zimmer Architects, LLC will provide design and construction administration services for the renovations of several secondary school projects for a total of $3,633,999.36.

According to the meeting agenda, those projects include:

The district’s Civic Auditorium for $433,350.00. Renovations will be made to the size and furnishing of the dressing rooms for boys and girls’ and include access to both stage left and stage right.

Bryan Collegiate High School for $906,669.52. Renovations include replacing all knob door hardware with ADA lever hardware, providing an enclosure around the electrical transformer in 100 and 200 hall storage rooms, adding an exit from the cafeteria, providing ADA accessibility to the stage, renovations to the boys’ and girls’ restroom (300 hall) to be ADA compliant, replacing the old floor access door in prep room of science 301, pavement repairs, provide washer/dryer, replace failing sewer line and grease trap. They would also install electric drinking fountains in the cafeteria and provide ADA accessible sinks in science rooms 301, 500, 501 & 502.

Davila Middle School for $110,437.38. Renovations will include reworking the curtain wall at the ends of corridors to eliminate leaking caused by wind-driven rain, regrading multiple areas for positive drainage, and eliminating the dead-end corridor by adding a wall to the corridor and increasing the size of storage.

Jane Long Intermediate School for $410,397.75. Renovations would provide handicap access to the stage, replace door handles with ADA handles, add wall pads to the kickstart room, provide washer/dryer, replace plumbing shutoff valves, and replace the waste line at the restroom near the office and science wing.

MC Harris and Annex for $891,795.65. Renovations would replace electrical distribution with 480 volts, install a new fire sprinkler system and remove/replace four electrical drinking fountains in the hallways.

Rayburn IS for $859,982.50. Renovations include cleaning and resealing all pavement sealant joints, replacing door handles for ADA, providing washer/dryer, replacing plumbing shutoff valves, replacing all of the sanitary waste and vent piping in the kitchen, and replacing the electric drinking fountains across from seminar and between 825/821.

Stephen F. Austin Middle School and Annex for $21,366.56. Those renovations include installing coiling doors at the food service walk-through and providing landscape/hardscape solutions for the bus loading area.