Build relationships, keep kids safe by volunteering with SOS Ministries

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Published: Sep. 21, 2023 at 3:53 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - There are plenty of chances for you to give back to the community you live in.

Save Our Streets Ministries has a variety of volunteer opportunities, including the After School Program, Children’s Ministry, Hearne Ministry, Nursery, and Bus Ministry.

The After School Program is designed to keep kids safe and off the streets until 5 pm every weekday.

Children’s and Volunteer Director, Allison Dirks, says the program currently serves about 140 kids.

“The kids here attend a 5 day a week charter school and they have the option to stay after school. Every day, they’re getting a Bible study, academic tutoring, extracurricular activities, like cooking, dancing, guitar, or sports and leadership skills,” Dirks said.

Dirks says SOS Ministries is a safe place for kids in the program.

“We truly believe that if kids are here after school, they’re safe. They’re not in the streets. They’re not being exposed to drugs and violence. If they’re here, we know that they’re being loved on,” she said.

Justin Breen has been volunteering with SOS Ministries for four years. He says when he first started, he was stiff and nervous.

“You walk in and there’s just so many kids. It’s chaos. You just don’t know how to handle all of it,” he explained. “It’s just been really cool to come back day by day and be poured into by our awesome leadership, like Allison.”

After witnessing Breen lead the volunteers in an epic rap, it’s obvious that the initial nervousness has worn off.

“The Lord will quiet those lies that you’re not qualified or that you’re not called to be here. You just watch yourself grow in love and compassion. You see how amazing these kids are and how they just need to be pursued with the love of Jesus. They are worthy of that love,” he said.

“I am far from the perfect volunteer, but I try to come in day by day and let the Lord use me however he wants to,” Breen said.

You can find volunteer opportunities and applications here.