Focus at Four: A government shutdown, UAW strike, and more discussed from Washington

The House is still at a standstill, the UAW strike continues and a GOP debate is upcoming.
Published: Sep. 26, 2023 at 6:31 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - The House is still at a standstill, the UAW strike continues and a GOP debate is upcoming. KBTX’s Washington correspondent, Peter Zampa says when it comes to Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, McCarthy is keeping to his word.

“His [McCarthy’s] strategy is to pass a stop-gap measure called a continuing resolution or a CR while they continue to go through the normal process of passing the 12 appropriations bills that funds the entire government,” said Zampa.

Zampa says that it is not unusual for the government to run up on a deadline like this, even with something as big as funding over their heads.

“We should say Washington has had plenty of time to do this. They always like to leave these things until late,” notes Zampa.

In other news, President Biden visited Michigan today, and although he has not previously publicly sided with either the auto companies or the workers, he seems to have made quite the statement today.

“Today he [Biden] literally was standing with one side on the picket lines, fist bumping with the bullhorn, the entire photo op, clearly showing which side of this argument he lands on. But he should be fearing alienating these auto companies because they’re an important part of our economy and he does recognize that,” said Zampa.

The second GOP primary debate is scheduled for tomorrow, but people might not be talking about it so much as they will be discussing the absence of former President Trump.

“Really it could just be overshadowed once again by Donald Trump’s absence. He is far and away the front-runner in this GOP primary race. He decided not to give them the time of day. He’ll do counter-programming once again,” said Zampa.