BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Two organizations came together to make sure Brazos County is prepared for the upcoming election.

Pride Community Center and the Brazos County Health Department came together to register voters on National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday.

“Our interest is to give power back to people to express their values in government and that’s what it’s really all about,” said Pride Community Center Executive Director Katrina Stewart.

The Brazos County Health Department says they are interested in hosting more voter registration events before the Oct. 11 deadline to register.

“The right to vote is very important to any community. And we want to make sure we can provide a resource for anyone to come down a central location, register to vote, have their questions answered, and feel safe doing so,” said Brazos County Health Department Workforce Development Coordinator Mary Parrish.

Any organization interested in working with the Health Department for a voter registration event is asked to email

Click here for more information on how to register to vote.