Classroom Champion - February 26, 2015 - Christopher Benner

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BRYAN, Texas - Classroom Champions, presented by Blinn College.

News 3 Sports would like to congratulate our latest Classroom Champion, Christopher Benner. The Allen Academy senior has a 4.29 GPA, and is currently ranked 2nd in his class.

Glenn Finley - Teacher
“Christopher handles the pressure pretty well. He comes in all the time for extra tutoring or help, or a lot of times, he will help the other students. He even, when they're gone, traveling on trips and things like that. So I don't know necessarily that he feels the pressure as much as other kids do. He just seems to be that excellent.”

Christopher is a member of the soccer, cross country, and track teams at Allen Academy. He is also the school's mascot, a member of the puppet team, bible drill, and Captain of the robotics team. Christopher has been a director for and played lead rolls in theater, and he is a member of National Honor Society. Outside of school, Christopher volunteers with a special-needs baseball camp, is involved in his church, and has volunteered for over 1,000 hours helping to build churches across the state of Texas.

Max Bergkamp - Coach
“I would consider Christopher a vocal leader and a leader by example, depending on the situation that he's in. When he is a play director or participating in one of our play productions, he's definitely a vocal leader. On the athletic turf, he is a leader by example. He shows up early, he stays late, he always wants to do one more, and just make himself that much better, as well as his teammates.”

Christopher Benner
“I get my motivation from the fact that I always know I can be a little bit better. And the fact that I can push myself to be a little better helps me have the motivation to do whatever I want to. A strong work ethic in high school is important for the future because in high school you set the tone for how you want the rest of life to be. If it goes well in high school, it's probably going to go pretty well in life.”

After High School, Christopher plans to attend Texas A&M University and study Mechanical Engineering.

Congratulations to Christopher Benner of Allen Academy. This week’s News 3 Sports Classroom Champion!