11-year-old fights off suspected burglar

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Bryan police said an 11-year-old girl fought off a would-be burglar early Tuesday morning.

“As soon as I made it back to my room I heard her yell, mama," said Shanetta Fielder of Bryan.

Fielder says those screams came from her 11-year-old daughter Shantese just after midnight Tuesday.

“I saw the window wide open and the curtains and everything on the floor," she said.

Shantese says a man she barely got a good look at, grabbed her her neck in her sleep.

“He tried to pull me out the window,” said the 11-year-old.

Shantese says she fought the man off of her.

“At first I couldn’t breathe so I hit him to move his hand off my neck," said Lewis.

Lewis says the attacker rode away on a bike down Dale Street. Fielder is not sure why but she believes the attacker targeted her child.

“I think he had it on his mind and he was on drugs,” said Fielder.

Fielder hopes the police can make an arrest soon.

“This is my baby, I never expected anything like this before and I never want to go through it again either," she said.

Officials said she had a minor injury, but didn't need medical attention. The girl told her parents what happened and they called the police.

Police are still searching for the man. Anyone with information should contact the Criminal Investigation Division at 979-209-5300 or Crime Stoppers at 979-775-TIPS (8477).