2018 Candidate Profiles: State House of Representatives District 12

BRAZOS COUNTY, Tex. (KBTX) There are two candidates in the race for Texas House of Representatives District 12. Incumbent Kyle Kacal says he still has work he wants to do in Austin.

"Education. Transportation and water. They'll always be the top things that rural Texas is concerned about," said Kacal.

There's been too much water on Kacal's ranch following recent rains. While he monitors the flooding on his Brazos County property, he says Texas must continue watching and protecting its supply.

"We have north of 1,500 people moving here a day. You've got to have water to sustain life or we're in trouble," said Kacal.

If re-elected, he'd like to continue serving on the Natural Resources Committee to further address the state's water supply. Education is also at the top of his priority list.

"We just had a new accountability system go out and some of our schools didn't scores as well. My hope is that the 86th is focused on public education, from safety standpoint, from curriculum and from a funding side," said Kacal.

Kacal's opponent Marianne Arnold says it's time for change.
After working for decades to help on other's campaigns, she decided it was time to run for office.

"I was really unhappy on the direction that the legislature was going. They seemed to be wasting a lot of time on issues that weren't the core issues the state needs to do," said Arnold.

Education, infrastructure maintenance and healthcare are her top priorities.

"A lot of people are worried about education for their children. Teachers sometimes have to spend of their paycheck for health insurance. It's just criminal," said Arnold.

Both Kacal and Arnold know lawmakers have a lot of work to do when the session starts in January and feel confident they can jump right in.

"It's very important that we send people there that have the relationships, have the team in place that can work and make sure that nobody forgets central or rural Texas," said Kacal.

"I've taken on challenges throughout my life. I went back to college at the age of 46 to change my career, which people just don't do and I got my PhD when I was 62," said Arnold.