Millions in federal dollars working to improve Bryan, College Station community

Published: Jul. 16, 2019 at 5:51 PM CDT
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In 2019, the federal government gave $2.7 million to Bryan and College Station community development programs.

These programs offer a range of services like repairing homes and maintaining neighborhoods.

Glenda Roy has lived in her Bryan home for over 25 years. Roy says thanks to the city of Bryan's home reconstruction program, her home is brand new.

"My house was like a shack," Roy said. "Now I have a home."

City of Bryan Community Development Manager Alsie Bond says residents like Glenda are the perfect clients.

"Low to moderate-income folks,” Bond says. “We serve a lot of elderly that's just been living in their homes for years.”

Roy says over time holes developed in the floors and animals started popping in. A raccoon even snuck his way in the hole.

"I could see his eyes peeking through," Roy said. “I was scared to be there.”

In 2012 Roy applied for the program, but finally last November, her home was approved for reconstruction.

"After a while, my name ended up and 'hey it's your turn',” Roy said. “I go 'thank you, Lord Jesus'."

Roy's home took a while to complete, but she says her up-dated home speaks volumes about our community.

"It shows they are a caring city,” Roy said. “They care about their people and I'm one of their people."

Roy plans to move into her home in the next two weeks.

Both Bryan and College Station offers a wide range of community development programs. If you are interested in applying, please scroll down to the related link section below.