2050 Thoroughfare Plan approved by MPO

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX)- The Bryan College Station Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) unanimously approved its own 2050 Thoroughfare Plan Monday at a public hearing.

The plan, which is designed to accommodate the growing College Station population, will no longer include a road south of the GI Museum. As many in Brazos County feared the plan would interfere with the museum’s living history reenactments.

The MPO believes that the plan is pivotal for the Bryan College Station community, especially as the population size in the area continues to grow.

“If we don’t establish where we need roadways in the future for Brazos County then we’ll be falling even further behind the curve,” said Daniel Rudge, the Executive Director of the Metropolitan Organization. “People are already complaining now that congestion is pretty bad.”

Before the vote, some County residents spoke out against the plan, stating that the newly proposed highways would run through neighborhoods like the Forest Lakes subdivision. Residents from the subdivision also state that the MPO did not adequately inform them of their intentions.

“Didn’t know anything about it,” said Forest Lakes resident Walter Daugherity. “We’re appalled to find out that this highway plan was going through without their knowledge or input.”

“We had a number of TV stories and newspaper articles done on this process,” refutes Rudge, “We advertise the meetings in numerous places.”

The MPO says public feedback was considered in the plan. The organization received over 2,000 written comments and nearly as many verbal ones.

The current proposed map is subject to change over time. However, the MPO has already invested in multiple highway projects for 2018, including the widening of Highway 6 from four to six lanes.

The MPO says the plan also promotes greener transportation options for citizens and opens up the possibility of a high speed rail station in Bryan and College Station.