25 Aggies contributed to 'The Incredibles 2' animated movie

Published: Jul. 13, 2018 at 6:02 PM CDT
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When the final credits roll on the "The Incredibles 2", 25 Aggies will have their names listed. Students from Texas A&M's Visualization Department have a strong presence in Hollywood and the department continues to work to make students real world ready.

Cristina Davis is a first year grad student taking a summer course in the Viz Lab. Davis and her classmates get to present their ideas to people at Pixar.

"Right now, we're working on a little animation in collaboration with Pixar. Our theme was basically two robots in a kitchen. Our guidelines were about thirty seconds we're not allowed to have legs on our characters," said Davis.

This week, students got a visit from a former students and current Pixar employee. Sarah Beth Eisinger is one of the 25 former students that worked on "The Incredibles 2".

"I got go work on Violet's force field effect, so her purple bubble and then she throws it out as a blade of energy. I also set up her invisible transition effect which was fun. The force field was really great because I love Violet from the first movie, so it was really special to get to work on her," said Eisinger. She said that 45 Aggies currently work at Pixar.

"We have such a strong and long lasting history that it's really cool that there are Aggies at all levels of the studio," said Eisinger.

Eisinger said working in the Viz Lab helped her gain necessary experience.

"We want them to be set for the world, which means what the studios are using to day the students need to be familiar with but we also want them to be thinking about and working on questions that will come up tomorrow," said Tim McLaughlin, the head of the Visualization Department. He said 25 former students on one credits list is a lot, but he's not sure if it's the highest number.

"Just means we have a lot of influential people making movies. Influential in that their artistry is going in to creating movies that the world is going to see and it speaks highly of them and their talents and their motivations," said McLaughlin.

For Aggies still in school, seeing graduates achieve their goals is a big motivation.

"It gives us a lot of inspiration and something to work for," said Davis.