$2,500 margarita benefits victims of Florida school shooting

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - A pricey new margarita helps raise money for Florida students. A child is rescued and it's all caught on surveillance video. An innovative new bionic arm has some unique controls.

First up, a New York City restaurant celebrated National Margarita Day by adding what they call "the most expensive margarita in America" to its menu. The $2,500 drink is made with Clase Azul Ultra Añejo Tequila, which costs over a thousand dollars a bottle. It's rimmed with a blend of exclusive Mexican salts and garnished with a fresh-cut lime and spiral jalapeno. The restaurant's owner says all proceeds from the margarita will go to benefit victims of the Florida school shooting.

Video from Egypt shows three policemen guarding a bank and standing on a sidewalk. They look up and apparently see a child dangling from the balcony before rushing to catch him as he falls. Egypt's Interior Ministry said in a statement that the child was unharmed, but one of the policemen was injured and was sent to a nearby hospital for treatment.

A double amputee has a new arm thanks to a medial breakthrough in New Hampshire. It's the first fully integrated powered shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand prosthesis and it's called the LUKE arm. Believe it or not, the arm is controlled by foot. The President of Next Step Bionics says to think of it like a joystick. If the foot moves forward, the prosthesis comes out. If it moves back, the prosthesis follows suit.