At least 60 vehicles in College Station damaged overnight by BB guns

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COLLEGE STATION -- Dozens of drivers are spending the day cleaning up their cars.

Some of them will have to pay out of pocket after someone went on a shooting spree with a BB gun Tuesday night.

Police say at least 60 cases of criminal mischief have been reported.

The cars were damaged in places like the Sun Meadows, The Barracks and Shenandoah Subdivisions.

We visited with some of the victims who, as you can imagine, are feeling frustrated.

Holes big and small are creating headaches for at least 60 College Station car owners.

Tuesday night and Wednesday morning someone shot out car windows across the area.

"I fell asleep about 11 and woke up at 12:45 to banging on the back door and no one ever really bangs on the back door so I was like, 'Ok whatever it's a couple kids they will go away,' and then my doorbell started ringing and ringing and ringing," said Hannah Belota, a recent Texas A&M Graduate.

It was police at Belota's door. Her SUV at The Barracks Townhomes now has a trash bag on the back.

"All my other neighbors were standing out here with their cars they told us what happened 14 cars at the time... It'll be better for me to just pay out of pocket fortunately. It's just my back windshield so that can be replaced for a cheaper cost," she said.

College Station Police, the Brazos County Sheriff's Office and Texas A&M University Police all searched the area looking for suspects but couldn't find anybody.

Other cars were hit hard in the Sun Meadows Subdivision off Graham Road.

Hope Taiyeb didn't want her face on camera but says it's going to cost about $300 to fix her SUV.

"Actually I was surprised because we live in a very safe neighborhood. This is the first time I encountered this accident. I was a little afraid actually yeah," she said.

Another nearby neighbor who didn't want to be identified told us off camera they have full faith in CSPD to find the person or people responsible. They were also glad nobody was hurt.

"It's just, it's frustrating in the sense that we were targeted for no reason you know," said Belota.

College Station Police are asking residents to check their personal surveillance systems to see if they caught any suspects and their transportation on camera.

Police estimate the total damage at $18,000.

If you have any information you can contact College Station Police at (979) 764-3600.

1:02 p.m. update from College Station police:

The College Station Police Department is still taking multiple criminal mischief calls related to vehicle damage caused by what is believed be a BB gun. All reports so far are related to windows being shot out of vehicles in neighborhoods. Currently, the number of reports received is up to 60. The most affected areas are in the Sun Meadows, Barracks and Shenandoah sub-divisions.

College Station Police Detectives are actively investigating these crimes and need any assistance the public can provide. The department is asking residents of those areas to review any home surveillance video they have in an effort to identify the suspects and their vehicle. These crimes took place between July 12, 2016, starting at dark through the early morning hours of Wednesday, July 13, 2016.

Anyone with information regarding these crimes is asked to contact the College Station Police Department at 979-764-3600.


Police are currently searching for a criminal mischief suspect or suspects responsible for damaging 32 vehicles across various College Station neighborhoods.

Last night just before 11:00 p.m. police responded to the Willow Pond and Crepe Myrtle Street area to find nine vehicles with their back glass shot out by a BB gun.

Shortly after their arrival, 12 vehicles in the Barracks Townhome subdivision were also found to be damaged in the same way.
Not long after, another 11 vehicles in the Fincastle Loop and Decatur area were found to be struck in the same fashion as well.

Officials say the damage is approximately $9,600.

No suspects have been located at this time, if you have any information on the crime you are asked to contact College Station Police Department.