Texas A&M College Republicans not officially endorsing candidate

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COLLEGE STATION - Across the state, there are a handful of College Republican groups who have officially decided not to endorse Donald Trump for president, including chapters at the University of Houston and Rice University.

At Texas A&M, College Republican Board Chairman David Isenhour Jr., says the group has never released statements of endorsement for candidates who have won their primary elections, and they won't start now.

"In previous years, the Texas A&M College Republicans have not released statements of endorsement for candidates who have won their primary elections. We are treating this year the same as any other," wrote Isenhour Jr. "We find it self-evident that as College Republicans we accept the decision of the primary that Donald Trump is the nominee of the Republican Party. We encourage all of our members, and all Aggies, to get involved in the political process."

Isenhour, Jr. continued, "In accordance with the official strategy of the Texas Federation of College Republicans, the focus for this election cycle is to assist in contested races throughout Texas up and down the ballot where each College Republican chapter can make the largest difference. Specifically our chapter has been directed to assist in the election of, former Aggie and former Student Body President, Congressman Will Hurd. We will do all we can to assure the continued success of the Republican Party across the state of Texas."

Other students on campus however had no problem sharing which nominee they are backing.

"I'm going to vote for Trump,” said Clayton Nichols, an A&M graduate student.

"I like his vision better than Hillary's, so I am defaulted to the less of two evils,” said Steven Schultz, a Texas A&M junior.

"I will probably decide closer to election day,” said Emily Schiller, an A&M junior.

"Out of the two, I'd definitely have to go for Trump,” said Meygan Harris, a Texas A&M senior.

Some A&M students went as far as starting a “Students for Trump" chapter on campus this fall.