4-year-old boy reads 100 books in one day

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In trending news this morning, a 4-year-old boy goes viral for reading 100 books in just one day, a panda rolls around in the snow, and a teenage runner helps a stranger win a marathon.

First up, 4-year-old emerging reader, Caleb, has accomplished a goal to read 100 books in a day. His parents streamed his efforts live on Facebook and social media users ate it up.

Caleb got thousands of views, some from users as far as Florida. Every time he finished ten books, he would do a little dance. His father says he was skeptical when Caleb asked to read 100 books in one day, but the Chicago boy sure showed him wrong.

Also trending, Mei Xiang at the Smithsonian National Zoo in D.C. can't get enough of the white stuff. Cameras caught her rolling and somersaulting around in snow-covered leaves and grass.

According to the National Zoo, giant pandas are native to the cold climate, and are more active in wintertime.

Lastly, an incredible victory at Sunday's BMW Marathon in Dallas. Ariana Letterman, a 17-year-old high school student stoped to help a fellow runner cross the finish line and win first place in the female's race.

The wounded winner was Chandler Self, a psychiatrist in New York and also an Aggie. She was leading the marathon by several minutes until her final stretch when her legs gave out. Letterman says she hopes what she did can inspire others to help one another when they're down.