$43 million parking garage gives Texas A&M an extra 1400 spaces

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. - In what they hope will be a big step toward alleviating parking problems on campus, Texas A&M officially opened the new Cain Parking Garage across from Kyle Field Monday.

For the first time in more than a decade, Texas A&M's main campus has a new, large scale parking garage.

Transportation Services Associate Vice President Peter Lange says, "This is our brand new 1,400 space facility located on the old Cain Hall site."

The five story garage has been open for home football games this season, but it officially opened to the public Monday.

Lange says, "Even though we have more parking than any other college in the country, there's always seems to be never enough in the core of campus."

The extra spaces Cain provides are unlike any others at A&M.

Lange says, "It looks a little Christmasy with red and green."

There are lights hanging from the ceiling that are part of the new Parking Guidance System.

Lange says, "Above every space is an ultrasonic sensor so it knows if you come in. It'll save you time from circling around."

The light is green if the space is open and red if it's taken. You'll also see digital signs at every turn.

Lange adds, "It'll show the quantity of spaces that are beyond that decision point so you get to make a really informed decision. Eventually we'll have a sign out front as well that shows the quantity of visitor spaces that we have too. We're very excited about that."

We asked the first few people to park in Cain Monday what they think about the upgrades and they say they're excited too.

Texas A&M Freshman Allison Presley says, "Really cool, because sometimes there's little cars in spaces and you don't know if it's open or not."

Cindy Estes is visiting Texas A&M and says, "You're able to just look for the green light to see if there's a space there or in the next aisle over. It's fantastic."

Cain Garage costs about $43 million. When you divide it out, that's $30,000 dollars per space.

Cain has the tallest clearance of any garage on campus, which means there are ADA van accessible handicapped spaces on every level.